At first, Beau’s family thought they might want mountain photos but once we started brainstorming, they decided on local neighborhood landmarks instead. They recently moved from Atlanta and instantly fell in love with the vintage charm of Bonnie Brae Tavern and Bonnie Brae ice cream. After hearing the Tavern might be demolished, they decided it would make a fun backdrop for their dog’s portrait – before it’s too late.

Bonnie Brae ice cream poodle dog

Local landmarks are better than mountains this summer!

I’ve been hearing tales of overflowing parking lots in the foothills and trails with no space for safely passing. For this reason, it may be less stressful to stay in town for your dog’s portrait. Beau’s family lives in a super quaint neighborhood with tree-lined streets and unique locally-owned restaurants and shops.

Standard poodle with red poppies

What’s the best time of day for an urban photo shoot?

Early morning works well, especially in the summer. We woke up at the crack of dawn to photograph Beau. There were several reasons for this:

  1. There are less people out at that time of day. We didn’t necessarily want to show lines of people waiting for ice cream. We also wanted to lessen our chance of distractions from other dogs.
  2. It’s much cooler in the morning! We wanted to beat the heat and afternoon thunderstorms.
  3. The light is really pretty at dawn! Yes, that’s a real sunbeam by the poppies.

Honestly, I’m not a morning person but I think the results were well worth it. I’m willing to wake up early if you are! We finished the photo shoot before Beau’s family had to start work. They were home with plenty of time for more coffee before their first meeting of the day!

If you’d rather sleep in, an hour or two before sunset works well too. The majority of my photos are taken during the golden hour right before sunset.

Standard poodle by mural on South Gaylord St Denver

Beau posed in front of my favorite local mural as well. I love an urban photo shoot! I like to pick colors that complement the dog and there are so many fun colors in town.