Wrigley the Goldendoodle and Buddy the Portuguese Water Dog wore the most adorable bow ties at their photo shoot. They had the bow ties from when their people got married. Matter-of-fact, the photo shoot was a wedding gift from a very thoughtful friend!

Buddy has been camera-shy in the past. I would have never guessed that if his family hadn’t told me.

Buddy & Wrigley’s family shared these fun facts about them:

Favorite toys:
Wrigley – balls & frisbees; or whatever bone or toy Buddy is interested in
Buddy – Wrigley; or a rug or dog bed he can tackle and jumble up

Best tricks:
Wrigley – catching a ball or frisbee out of the air & “shake”
Buddy – “high five”, “spin”, “shake”, “touch”

Most annoying habits:
Wrigley – barking
Buddy – eating grass and other things he shouldn’t in the yard

Fun facts that nobody would guess?
Buddy was a rescue – before we got him, a breeder gave him up because he had an “improper coat”. He was then put in service dog training to identify foods that contain peanuts, but was more interested in playing with the other dogs. His full name is “Quakers Oatmeal & Peanut Butter.”
Wrigley is a talker! He’s been that way since he was born – he was the only puppy of his siblings who made noises. He still has all kinds of things to say, particularly when we get home after being gone.

Wrigley – Poodle, Doodle Bug, Puppy, Wiggy Boo
Buddy – Buddy Bear, Fluffy, Fuzzy, Bubba

Favorite Things To Do?
Wrigley – play ball; get belly rubs; and we just found out he LOVES to swim and hike!
Buddy – cuddle; eat; zoom around the basement while dodging obstacles

Aspens aren’t the only yellows in the fall landscape. Rabbitbrush is a perennial shrub which is 2-7 feet tall. Its yellow flowers bloom from August to October and are an important late-season pollen source for insects. Mule deer, pronghorn, and jackrabbits graze on it during the fall and winter. Native Americans reportedly used rabbitbrush as a yellow dye, to make a medicinal tea, and for chewing gum. More importantly, the South Platte river has tons of rabbitbrush so you don’t have to drive two hours to the mountains and fight the aspen traffic to get autumn colors.