Cat photography is always a little unpredictable but that’s exactly what keeps it exciting. This was supposed to be a dog photoshoot but the family cat had other ideas.

Zola the “very shy” cat was actually very friendly for me! We figured Zola would hide while I photographed the family’s three dogs but she was comfortable in front of the camera. With a little help from crinkle toys, we convinced her that it was OK to walk on the table where she’s normally not allowed. 

Of course, she was happiest of all when she got to hang out on the bed with the dogs locked out of the room. She’s a smart cat because she effectively got us to pay 100% attention to her. When you have three “brothers,” you do what you have to do!

Another happy surprise was that the family’s King Charles Spaniels, Edgar and Oliver, posed together like pros. I often hesitate to promise a shot of two dogs together because it’s tricky if the dogs aren’t onboard. These two pups grew up together and are very bonded so it wasn’t a problem at all.

Oliver enjoys looking out the window which I think is adorable!

Often there’s a “Murphy’s Law” element in dog photography and this time it was that Negan, the Malamute, had just started blow his coat. It was a bit of a surprise since it was early February. Negan had just turned one year old so this is the first time his people have had to deal with clumps of fur all over the house. The shedding started on his back sides so we concentrated on head and shoulder shots where he still had majestic fluffy fur. He’s such a pretty boy!