You will regret this.

I knew my work was cut out for me when I was greeted with this look. Reportedly, this purebred beauty was a show cat in his earlier life. I wonder if judges mark down for hostile looks? He did eventually warm up a tiny bit, after I spent an hour photographing the family dog. He was happiest when he was in his person’s arms. I suspect he was cuddly and sweet as soon as I left. Unfortunately, I can’t say he was the only angry cat portrait I’ve taken.

White cat with annoyed look

My family signed the photo release but they can’t make me smile.

This gorgeous white rescue cat is actually one of my favorite models. I even hired him for a commercial shoot. However, on this day I pushed my luck too far by asking him to pose for “just one more photo” at the end of his photo shoot. He communicated very clearly that he was done modeling, thank you very much.

Hissing assyrian cat

Stop! I’m not camera-ready yet.

It was a rookie move when I asked this cat’s family to put him up on the kitchen stool. I have since learned that it’s far better to lure cats by dangling a toy over where you want them to go. Their curiosity usually get the best of them and then they think it’s their idea to hop up on a chair

Angry white cat

Let’s just pretend this day didn’t happen.

This pretty kitty was groomed in the morning and then immediately afterwards we took photos to hang in the pet groomer’s shop. It seemed like a good idea at the time. The groomer swore this cat was very chill and didn’t mind being groomed. But I think the poor cat was expecting to go home instead of sticking around for a photo shoot.

Siamese cat batting at camera

Talk to the paw, camera-lady!

We didn’t expect this shy Siamese cat to come up from the basement while I was photographing the family’s puppy. But curiosity got the best of him as he spied on us behind the couch. When I put my camera up to my face, he saw his reflection in the lens. The mirror image of himself must have startled him!

Calico cat

Why are you here Human and how soon until you leave?

Here’s another cat who wasn’t so sure of me at first. She slowly warmed up while I chatted with her family. By the end, she was downright relaxed and happy. Most of the time it just takes patience!

White cat ignoring white dog

You want me to pose with the dog? I can’t even.

These two had only been together with their new family for a month and the kitty wasn’t onboard about posing with his dog “sister.” Both pets eventually gave in to the situation but I wouldn’t recommend trying to force a dog and cat to pose together. Whenever I see a perfect photo of a dog and cat sitting together, I wonder how much Photoshop was involved.