Does it seem like everyone you know got a new puppy this spring? Well, this lucky family got TWO pups! 8-month-old Clyde joined the family a few months before the quarantine and 4-month-old Ollie followed shortly afterwards. They get along with each other fabulously and it was so fun to watch them play! Both pups are rescues from Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue (GRFR).


Where’s the best place to photograph puppies this summer?

Clyde and Ollie’s photo location was the same one I would have recommended in past years – their backyard! There was plenty of room to stay apart while letting the puppies run free without leashes. We didn’t have to worry about germs for the dogs (e.g. Parvo) or us (Covid-19). We also didn’t have the distraction of other people coming over to pet the dogs. Anyone who has gone out in public with a baby golden retriever knows that everyone wants to touch that soft puppy fur!

White Golden Retriever Puppy

If you have a backyard, make it easy on yourself
and have your dog’s photo shoot at home.
There’s never been a better year for it!

Adolescent Golden Retriever

Are Denver city parks too crowded this summer?

The parks sure seem extra full since most folks are staying in town this summer. Clyde and Ollie live near many beautiful city parks – Harvard Gulch, Eisenhower Park and Bible Park – but I felt they weren’t the best choice this year. There’s nothing wrong with them, other than there are hordes of people. My favorite park, Washington Park, is so overrun with picnickers and joggers that Murphy and I are skipping it for the time being and have been walking around the neighborhood instead.

More about Clyde:

Clyde was actually a foster pup that the family got on Christmas Eve. Wisely, they decided to add him to the family! Here’s a little more about him, as told by his family.

Favorite foods – hot dogs or bones
Favorite toys – sticks
Best tricks – ignoring the water bowl but slurping up all the water he can out of our fountains
Most annoying habits – getting us to pick him up to put him in the back of the car as he acts like he can’t jump that high…..but he has no problem jumping up on our bed, which is higher
Job – Greeter, he has to say hello to every dog and human who enters his world
Superhero – Batman, the handsome one who is buff and looks good, but not nearly as smart as his sidekick
Extracurricular activities – chewing ice.  You cannot open the freezer door without his cute nose sniffing around waiting for a piece of ice to chew
– Clyders, Clydo

Golden retriever puppy on red chair

More about Ollie:

Sweet, little Ollie brought joy to his new family when they adopted him this spring. I’m sure he got full attention with everyone home from work and school. Lucky puppy and lucky family!

Favorite foods – ANYTHING
Favorite toys – he loves squeaky things that make loud noises that annoy Clyde
Best tricks – looking super cute at us after he was just in a major brawl with Clyde
Most annoying habits – dribbling water all over the house after he’s had a drink….a quite sloppy drinker!
Job – Quality Control, he’s always checking on things and in people’s business!
Superhero – Robin,  Batman gets all the glory, but Robin is the brains.  Ollie is definitely the quiet behind the scene kind of guy who really knows what is going on.
Extracurricular activities – he can detect a loose piece of weed barrier in our yard and pull the whole section out in the blink of an eye
Nicknames – Ollieman

Clyde & Ollie’s adoption stories

Both dogs are rescues from Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue (GRFR).

Clyde’s story

Clyde and his litter were probably intended to be “Christmas puppies” but when the breeder realized she wasn’t going to be able to sell them in time, she gave them to GRFR at the 11th hour. Thank goodness for GRFR and all their amazing volunteers! First the puppies were in a foster home in Kansas City for a few days and then a GRFR volunteered to drive all 10 pups Denver on Christmas Eve.

Clyde’s family told me the story of that Christmas Eve:
“A combination of foster and adoptive families met in a parking lot downtown. The car pulled up, the popped open the back and there were all these adorable puppies in a couple of crates. We wanted a boy so when they started pulling the pups out of the crate, they’d say which sex it was and folks would take them. Clyde was the first one out, Nate was right there, grabbed him, and the rest is history. He peed on Nate right away, and we knew he was for us!”

Clyde joined two other golden retrievers in his new family; Bear & Hannah. Unfortunately, Bear died (of old age) in February. 12-year-old Hannah had no interest in him. She’s a sweetheart but getting older. Clyde loved to play with other dogs so his family decided to get him a puppy. Enter Ollie!

Ollie’s story

GRFR rescued Ollie from a broker in Oklahoma. A puppy broker is like a car broker – a middle man – who gets dogs for people who want a certain kind. That sounds sort of legit until you find out what kind of conditions the puppies were kept in. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty! When the (bad) broker noticed that Ollie’s nose fur wasn’t perfect, he was given to a rescue. After meds and love, he gained a ton of weight, is healthy, and doing great with his new, loving family.

I’ll repeat the obvious and remind everyone that Christmas puppies aren’t the best idea and a pet broker is definitely NOT a good idea. Thankfully, Clyde and Ollie have hit the jackpot with their new family!