Gracie the calico made me work for these photos. And by “work,” I mean she made me use the extreme patience of a wildlife photographer. When I first met her, she hid in a back room the entire time. Luckily, the family has another cat, Jane, who was a willing model. Not one to give up, I scheduled a return visit to see if Gracie would come out of hiding. On the second day, she took her time exiting her cat tree but when she did it was absolutely worth the wait! We even built up enough trust that she felt comfortable playing with a new cat toy.

“When a cat chooses to be friendly, it’s a big deal, because a cat is picky.”

Mike Deupree

The family’s other cat, Jane, went about her normal business while I photographed her. She enjoyed hanging out on the window ledge and was even happier when we opened the window so she could feel the breeze through the screen. Jane’s family thinks she looks like Marilyn Monroe because of the “mole” on her cheek.

Gracie and Jane’s adoption stories

Both of these elegant calico cats were adopted from Denver Dumb Friends League. Jane, age 8, was the first to join the family. Her person first met her in a traveling DDFL van. Unfortunately, she didn’t write down Jane’s DDFL name and had a hard time tracking her down. She eventually remembered it, adopted her and they lived happily ever after. Moral of the story: Get the info on adoptable pets, even if you think you aren’t in the market. You may be smitten and want to find them later.

Gracie, age 5, was spotted in a DDFL online photo because she resembled a dear pet who had passed away. When her people met her, she didn’t look anything like the photo but they fell in love with her. They knew it was meant to be and she came home to live with them.