Drifter is a Colorado native so the mountains were a perfect backdrop for his portrait. His photo shoot was just hours before a fall snowstorm blew in. It was 80 degrees and we even saw a Great Horned Owl high up in the trees. On my drive home, the wind kicked up and the weather suddenly changed to winter! Colorado weather is so weird but I love it here anyway.

Drifter is a laid-back, trusting horse. He was trained in natural horsemanship and does trail riding and Western Show. He’s even been in a few parades. I’m sure he was a crowd pleaser!

Drifter has moved a few times in his 20 years but is very adaptable. He was born in Colorado and moved to California when he was 2. His person lived in California when they found each other. Together, they made the move back to Colorado and they’ve been a happy team for 16 years.