I have a soft spot for golden retrievers and VW bugs. Photographing the two together was the best day ever! I’ve photographed Gabby before so I knew she would be friendly and up for anything. Gabby is an agility superstar who has impeccable manners so I knew she could easily handle sitting in the family’s VW convertible.

Dani, the family’s new puppy, is also mellow and good-natured. Just to be on the safe side, we kept them on leashes during their photo shoot. What you can’t see in these photos is my husband crouched down in the back seat, holding both dog’s leashes. He is such a good sport! He also loves puppies and VW bugs so it wasn’t too hard to talk him into assisting with this fun photo shoot.

Safety First

I care about your puppy’s safety so we always leash your dog at outdoor locations. The reason you don’t see leashes in my photos is because I retouch them out afterwards. We were in a relatively empty parking lot at a local park. Of course, the car wasn’t moving either and two additional people were “spotting” for cars from behind me.

The Stone House in Lakewood is one of my favorite locations and it was perfect for Gabby and Dani’s fall photos.

This red chair is one of my favorite props. Dani is certainly one of the cutest puppies that’s ever sat in this chair! She looks slightly worried about being up in the chair, which makes her looks even cuter. I just want to pick her up and hug her!