My childhood dogs were all beagles so I’ve literally been a beagle lover my whole life. My family had 3 beagles over the years, starting with Snoopy, who my parents got shortly before I was born. Given my appreciation for beagles, it was only a matter of time before I met the wonderful folks at Colorado Beagle Rescue. The beagle rescue is an awesome organization and I am proud to have partnered with them by donating a photography session to their silent auction. One of the beagle foster parents had the winning bid this year so I got to photograph her dogs, Jax & Rocky!

Jax and Rocky are both rescue dogs who were adopted as puppies. They’ve been with the same person for 13 years and they’ve had a great life! Unfortunately, Jax has a few health concerns now that he’s older. He wears a harness because he had neck surgery and a regular collar might strain his neck. At the planning session, we decided 17 Mile House Farm Park would make a perfect location because the dogs wouldn’t have to walk far.

Here are some fun facts about Jax:

Favorite foods: Jax’s favorite food is anything and everything, but he particularly loves anything he can steal off the counter. (Forbidden food just tastes better.) His best “gets” include 40 uncooked peanut butter dog biscuits and 3 pounds of recently steamed carrots and green beans.

Favorite toys: Jax is also a bit old to play with toys now, but used to love ropes and was a dedicated tug-of-war-er. Probably not coincidentally, he isn’t allowed to play with ropes after bursting a disk in his neck.

Best tricks: Jax is always aware of where any food in the house is. His best trick is letting you think he’s asleep/not paying attention/etc. and biding his time until he finds his opening to sneak away with something tasty and forbidden.

Most annoying habits: Stealing his brother’s food when I have my back turned for just a second.

If Jax had a job, what would it be? Jax would be something adventurous and outgoing and just a little wacky, like waterskiing instructor.

If Jax was a superhero, what would his special power be? Jax’s super power would be bouncing great heights/distances on his tail, like a turbo-boosted version of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

Extra-curricular activities that nobody would guess? Jax’s weird extracurricular is sleeping on the back patio when it’s below freezing.

Nicknames? Cracker Jax. Jackson. Squish. Thing 2.

Next, here’s a little fun trivia about Rocky:

Favorite foods: Rocky is a bit peculiar for a beagle and doesn’t rush to the food bowl at mealtime. He’s been known to go two or three days without eating. He will, however, eat a puppichino from Starbucks no matter how out of sorts his stomach is.

Favorite toys: Rocky has mostly outgrown toys, but as a pup he liked anything soft with a squeaker. He once unearthed a bag of plush squirrels from a box underneath two other boxes (I’d hidden them away for Christmas). I knew the beagle nose was good, but that was really something.

Best tricks: Rocky’s best trick is that he has trained me to know when he’s finally hungry for dinner (he looks at me a certain way and licks his lips).

Most annoying habits: Rocky loves walks more than anything, but if there’s a good smell, he’ll plant all four legs into as wide a base as he can and refuse to move on (“anchoring”), no matter if I’m in a rush to get to work or if the weather is about to turn on us.

If Rocky had a job, what would it be? If Rocky had a job, it would be as a Park Ranger. As a younger dog, he was known to get out and would turn down even the best treats to run free outside.

If Rocky was a superhero, what would his special power be? Rocky would have the ability to walk through walls. Then he could run free whenever he wanted. (And follow me no matter where I went.)

Extra-curricular activities that nobody would guess? None. Other than being weird about food, Rocky is a stereotypical beagle. Reliably boring.

Nicknames? Rocky Raccoon. Squish. Thing 1. Blue.