One of the wonderful things about winter is that popular locations are way less crowded than at other times of the year. Katie the 10-year-old English Springer Spaniel had her photo shoot at Golden History Park. Most of the year, that location is crawling with people but in January we virtually had the place to ourselves. We had fewer distractions for Katie, less photobombing people and we didn’t have to wait our turn for other photographers. We’ve had such a mild January that we didn’t freeze our fingers off either. The parking lot is so close that even if we needed to duck into the car to warm up, we could have. A coat of fresh snow would also look stunning here. Yep, I think Golden History Park is my new favorite January location!

Katie won me over very quickly with her good looks and charm!

Katie’s family is smart because they got next year’s Christmas card photos out of the way since the History Park still had holiday decorations up. Of course, I could have retouched out the lights if they wanted. As usual, I removed the leash in Katie’s photos. Here are some examples of what it looked like before I did the retouching.