Lola is an Airedale/Cattle Dog mix who was adopted from Denver Dumb Friends. The crazy thing is that her person picked her out while her husband was at work and told him about their new dog later! He was quickly smitten with Lola and agreed to adopt a second dog as well. They looked at many rescues until they found a terrier mix puppy at Denkai Sanctuary. They named her Roz and she’s a perfect “little sister” to Lola!

Here are some fun questions that Lola & Roz’s people answered about them:

Breed & age: Airedale/Cattle Dog, 4-6 years
Favorite food: All
Favorite toy: Tennis balls, specifically her orange Kong ball
Best trick: Crawls on top of us after our alarm goes off, every morning
Most annoying habit: Terrier, terrier, terrier. She wants to chase any and everything that is small and moves fast (rabbits, balls, squirrels, spiders)
Nicknames? Lola lola, Lola Legume (Lola Bean, but different), Booger Face (she always has eye boogers in the morning), Meatball
Extra-curricular activities: trying to relax and ignore Roz, watching the window. Jumping the baby gate to watch the window and sit on the couch (where she is not allowed).

Breed & age: Terrier Mix (maybe jack russel and whippet?) The shelter said “Shepherd Mix,” 1 1/2 years old
Favorite food: Vegetable scraps from the counter
Favorite toy: Anything that Lola has in her mouth
Best trick: Howling on command
Most annoying habit: Terrified of the brush and baths
Nicknames? RozaRoo, RozaRoni, Booger Butt (had a long period of GI issues), Spaghetti
Extra-curricular activity? Staring out the window and watching the street. All day, everyday. Sunbathing on the woodchips in the backyard.

If Lola and Roz had jobs, what would they be? Lola is a farmhand. Roz would be an awkward teenager with a job at the movies.
If Lola and Roz were superheroes, what would their special powers be? Lola is the incredible Hulk. Roz is Flash.
If Lola and Roz were cartoon characters, which ones would they be? Lola is Screetcher from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Roz would be a fairy princess.