Real Men Wear Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots look so much more polished than sneakers for a man’s photo session. They also show the scale of how tiny an 8-week-old puppy is!

I’ve often joked that when you move to Colorado, you are issued a pair of cowboy boots. It seems like a wardrobe requirement around these parts. Put your boots to good use and include them in your photos. What’s not to love about dogs and cowboy boots?

Portrait of puppy illustrating a blog post about dogs and cowboy boots

Globe-trotting Glamour

These boots are special because they’ve been worn on many international adventures. Zahra the border collie puppy is special because she is a therapy dog.

Remember: Not every portrait needs to include your face. If you’re feeling camera-shy because of quarantine hair, no worries. Just feature your feet instead!

Portrait of dog and woman illustrating a blog post about photographing dogs and cowboy boots

Walk in the Park

Strolling through the Washington Park garden is easier when you’re wearing cute, comfortable boots!

Woman training puppy wearing boots

Winter Warmth

This photo shoot was in January so boots kept everyone’s toes warm. Furthermore, they’re good for navigating snowdrifts.

Aussie dog illustrating a blog about photographing cowboy boots and dogs

The Urban Pooch

Dog training never looked so good! This Aussie was learning the ropes at Denver Paw School.

On the whole, boots look stylish and add a fun element to your dog’s photos. I love dogs and cowboy boots!