Marge the guinea pig was recently brought to a vet clinic with a broken leg. Her owners couldn’t afford to repair the leg but the kind surgeon donated his time. Lucky Marge! Another tenderhearted vet at the clinic paid for the remaining costs and adopted Marge. Double lucky Marge!! Now she lives in a happy household of two dogs and a cat who are all surprisingly rodent-friendly.

Her new family is actually looking for a companion for Marge as hers recently passed and guinea pigs do better in groups. For some reason, the shelters have males right now and her owner doesn’t need baby guinea pigs! If you know of a sweet, female guinea pig that needs a new home, let me know and maybe I can play guinea pig matchmaker. I promise there isn’t a nicer home that a guinea pig could aspire to.

Marge’s favorite foods are green, yellow, and/or red peppers. Sensing a trend here? Yes, she loves bell peppers! She is also obsessed with little heart-shaped Oxbow treats.