I was fairly certain that anyone with miniature horses named Princess Buttercup and Fezzy would be Princess Bride fans. And I was right! The mini horse with the pink halter is Princess Buttercup and she’s 3 years old. Fezzy has the blue halter and he’s one year old.

This animal-loving family went out of their way to purchase a horse property so their mini horses could have a space to exercise and graze. There’s a equestrian center within walking distance so we also walked the horses down there for a few photos. It’s hard to believe this property is in the Denver metro area since they have such an amazing mountain view. The beautiful Highline Canal path isn’t far from their house either. I often walk my dog on the Highline Canal because it feels like I’ve gotten out of the city, even though I’m only 20 minutes from home.

The family also has two Aussies. Annie is 8 years old and Hoku is a big puppy. He was 9 months old at the photo shoot and full of adolescent energy.

The final artwork is 4 framed canvases that will hang in the front hallway. They are float frames, which are named for the way the canvas is mounted. A 1/8″ space appears between the frame and the wrap, creating the subtle illusion that the canvas is floating inside.