I photograph a lot of older dogs and it suddenly occurred to me that Murphy isn’t getting any younger. He’s 7 now but who knows if this is the last summer to get action shots. So we headed to Grand Lake to get swimming photos of my boy while he’s still young and agile!

Just out of reach… The funny thing is he could have walked 5 feet to the end of the dock and waded in to get it. Instead he barked at it and whined until we pushed it closer. He can be a big baby!

I love the kid leaning over the other side of the dock to touch the water. I also love the other golden watching Murphy from the end of the dock.

Does your dog like swimming? Summer’s warm temps and long days are perfect for water-themed photos. Your action shots will be super sharp since I’ll use an extremely fast shutter speed that you can’t get on your phone pics. Give me a call to schedule a photo shoot with your dog!