I love it when kids are in the mood to be photographed with their pets. To be honest, this happy 6-year-old was way more into the photo shoot than her puggle dogs were. Hey, it happens. You can’t blame the pups because they are getting older and have had some recent health issues. And, when you have a subject as animated and easygoing as this girl, you keep snapping!

We did get plenty of portraits of the dogs but we also gave them lots of breaks and didn’t demand too much out of them. I think most people prefer a laid-back evening anyway. There were flowers to be smelled and meadows to be explored. That’s my idea of a perfect September evening as well!

Bailey and Tillie are both probably Puggle dogs (beagle & pug) mixes of some sort. They are approximately 12 & 10 years old and very well-loved!