Who says you can’t get colorful photos in the winter? When I heard I’d be photographing two black dogs and one white dog, I knew the perfect mural to use as a backdrop!

All 3 of these sweet dogs are rescues. Gus the black lab mix is approximately 12 years old. He has the same coloring as my first dog so, of course, I think he’s the cutest! I love the white patch of fur on his chest and his big, brown eyes. 

Reggie is the one-year-old “puppy” of the family. He has quickly won over the family’s daughter with his little dog charm and sheer cuteness. These photos were actually a surprise gift for her. Naturally, Reggie’s photo was printed the largest!

7-year-old Annie has gorgeous, silky fur. Even though her family simply described her breed as “mutt,” she knows she’s really the prettiest dog in the family.

An album was a perfect way to print even more favorite images!

The dogs’ portraits were also printed on metal for a fun wall display.