What’s more fun than a game of fetch? Jumping in the creek to retrieve tennis balls! One-year-old Wrigley could fetch all day. He has a broad head, friendly eyes and a dopey golden retriever grin which makes him extra lovable. I enjoyed photographing him jumping mid-air into Cherry Creek.

9-year-old Sage is starting to slow down a bit but still looks like a young pup when she dives after a stick. When I asked her person what she loves most about her, she said “Everything!” After meeting Sage, I can see how that would be true.

Sage and Wrigley go to Cherry Creek State Park often so the anticipation of swimming was high. We kept both dogs on-leash for the walk to the stream so we could get some photos with dry fur. Goldens look so different when they’re wet! Action water shots are so fun!

I’ve been photographing dogs at fast shutter speeds for years so I know how to capture a dog running and jumping. I can focus on your dog’s face while capturing them mid-air! With my 70-200 telephoto zoom lens, I’ll be able to keep out of your dog’s path while he splashes and plays. I have lots of experience in pressing the shutter button at exactly the right time for action shots. You can just relax and play fetch with your dog while I focus on the photography.

Sage has been with her person since she was a puppy and she absolutely adores her!

The lighting conditions change over the course of the summer evening which makes it easier to get a variety of fun shots. You can have action water shots and more formal portraits in the same session!

See how different goldens look when they’re wet? Wrigley has crimped fur on his ears when he’s dripping wet and a fluffy, lustrous coat when he’s dry.