Frances the Maltese doesn’t let her diminutive size slow her down. I love using props that give a reference to the size of the dog in small dog portraits.

Pomeranian dog on porch by lion statue

Sydney is King of the Bungalow! I’ve never met a fluffier Pomeranian with a bigger personality. He lives in Denver’s Washington Park neighborhood so we wanted to showcase typical Denver architecture.

Black & tan Mini dachshund in woodland near Denver

Moka’s photo shoot was in southeast Denver but it looks like a woodland forest! She’s tiny so we only needed a small grove of trees to achieve this result.

I like to pose small dogs up high when possible. Milo the Terrier mix is only a few feet off the ground but being elevated put her up by the tall flowers.

Bichon Frise Shih Tzu dog

Does this look like the face of a dog whose “prison name” was Scamp? He looks more like a teddy bear to me! Crosby is a handsome, beloved dog so it’s hard to believe he was once a stray who was trained by the Colorado Cell Dog program. His new forever family named him after David Crosby of Crosby, Stills & Nash. They have similar mustaches and they’ve both done time in prison.

Little white dog by mural

Rescue pup Reggie quickly won over his new family’s daughter with his little dog charm and sheer cuteness. I like to pose small dog portraits with their front paws higher than their back paws. It gives them a certain Napoleon-esque presence. Naturally, his family printed Reggie’s photo the largest of all their pets’ photos.

Shichon dog with frizzy hair

Tootsie is a little dog with a big personality and big hair!

Tootsie’s most hilarious habit is she has a thing for socks. She has alway loved them and will swat at her family regularly to take them off and give them to her. She’s quite insistent. Then she takes them with her to lay on. This goes on all the time.

Her family says Tootsie’s special power is speaking without words. She definitely communicates clearly and always has. She also loves going through the Starbucks drive-through.

Miniature black poodle

Bitsy has the most perfect small dog name ever! Her family has some fantastic mid-century modern furniture and this chair was just her size. Equally important is her matching collar.

Black & White terrier dogs

Try and break into this house and Smokey & Bandit will follow you in a high-speed pursuit. Framing dogs at the door is one of my favorite tricks.

Jack Russell dog on golf course

Don’t you think Merlin the Jack Russell terrier would make a good caddy? Moreover, his house was right off the green so he felt right at home.

I always try to find locations that complement each dog. Tucker’s unique fur coloring looked great with the boardwalk at Silo Park in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Do you have a small dog of your own? I’d love to photograph them!