There are more photo possibilities in winter than most people imagine.

Charlotte the corgi is posing on a sled that has been in the family for generations. It’s always extra special when you can incorporate family heirlooms into your pup’s photos.

Golden Retriever with sled in aspen grove

I have a gorgeous wooden sled that you can use for your dog’s winter photos! It’s from Mountain Boy Sledworks. The top is one solid piece of wood so your dog won’t be worried about his paws slipping through cracks. Or, you can load up the sled with fun props!

Brittany Spaniel dog in snow in Golden, CO

Our wish came true when we got a light snow before Copper’s photo shoot. She’s small for her breed so a few inches of powder is all she needed to look like she was in a winter wonderland.

If you’re up for an adventure, I’ve got lots of location ideas near town. There’s no need to go far into the mountains when the foothills are this pretty!

Lagotto Romagnolo puppy running in snow

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… It’s Renzo the 8-month-old Lagotto Romagnolo puppy! It was 15 degrees when we took these photos. Brrrrrr. It sure was pretty though!

Doodle puppy in snowdrift

It’s a polar bear in a snowstorm! OK, it’s just Annabel the doodle enjoying a run in her backyard.

Golden Retriever puppy with mountain view in Lakewood, CO

I moved to Denver over 20 years ago but it still surprises me when we get a blizzard one day and it’s 50 degrees the next. That weather pattern worked to our advantage for Roo’s photo shoot. The fresh snow from the previous day was beautiful and the balmy temps made it pleasant to be outside. I call it “looks like winter, feels like spring.”

Standard Poodle in snowdrift

Josh the Standard Poodle has a beard and the wet, spring snow stuck to it. This was taken in an average city park. All you need is a few big spruce trees to make a winter wonderland!

Brown lab dog by boat house at Washington Park, Denver

Washington Park in Denver has beautiful lakes that look stunning in winter. Rosie the lab mix lives in the neighborhood so she was as relaxed as if she were just out for an everyday walk.

Kuvasz puppy in snow

If you need a fenced area, I have a friend’s yard that we can use for winter photo shoots. Her backyard always has fresh, untracked powder after a snowstorm because she has cats who stay inside. It’s ideal for puppies because there aren’t any other dog germs (i.e. Parvo) and only 50 yards away from a warm car.

Golden Retriever dog on bench in Washington Park, Denver

This is Ollie’s favorite bench at Washington Park. His family loves to sit here with him and watch the parade of people go by. Now that I know that, I’ll never be able to walk past this bench without thinking about sweet Ollie!

Springer Spaniel photo at Golden History Park, Colorado

I’m aware there’s not always a fresh snow on the ground in January but you can still have beautiful outdoor photos. One of the wonderful things about winter is that popular locations are way less crowded than at other times of the year. Katie the English Springer Spaniel had her photo shoot at Golden History Park. Most of the year, that location is crawling with people but in January we virtually had the place to ourselves. We had fewer distractions for Katie, less photobombing people and we didn’t have to wait our turn for other photographers. Bonus: The parking lot is close by so if we needed to duck into the car to warm up, we could have.

Golden Retriever by Grasmere Lake in Washington Park Denver
My dog, Murphy, by Grasmere Lake in Washington Park.
Golden Retriever dog by lake at Washington Park, Denver

The lakes at Wash Park are so pretty in the winter! I used this photo of my dog, Murphy, as a Christmas card.