Our wish came true when we got a light snow before Copper’s photo shoot. She’s small for her breed so a few inches of powder is all she needed to look like she was in a winter wonderland.

Copper is almost a year old and had lots of energy. I’m always happy when I get a call from someone with a young pup because youthful enthusiasm adds a certain spark to photos.

I’ve photographed 4 other pets from this family but this is the first time we ventured outside. (In all fairness, 3 were cats so they couldn’t really go to the mountains.) I think it was worth the drive and chilly temps to try something a little different this time. If you’re up for an adventure, I’ve got lots of location ideas near town. There’s no need to go far into the mountains when the foothills are this pretty!

In case you were wondering, Copper was on leash during her entire photo shoot and I retouched the leash out later.