Karen’s dog


Golden Retriever mailing letter at Blue Mailbox
Golden Retriever reading book about squirrels
Golden Retriever mailing a card in rural mailboxes
Golden Retriever running after mail truck
Golden Retriever with squirrel pinata
Golden Retriever in car with Christmas lights
Golden Retriever baking cookies
Golden Retriever in vintage Cadillac car
Golden Retriever drinking out of fountain
Golden Retriever with toy in lake
Golden Retriever with Kong Wubba toy
Golden Retriever and man walking across street in rain
Golden Retriever by mural
Golden Retriever by Grasmere Lake in Washington Park Denver
Golden Retriever with turkey
Golden Retriever by Colorado license plates
Wet Golden Retriever after swimming
Golden Retriever by aspen trees
Golden Retriever licking ice cream cone
Golden Retriever with sled in aspen grove

Murphy joined our family in 2012 when we adopted him from Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) as a rambunctious 11-month-old. He’s 9 years old now and more than a little white around the muzzle. Sometimes I look at the photos of him as a young pup and he looks like a completely different dog! I’m realizing it’s nice to have photos from all stages of his life. He’s slowing down a bit now so I’m glad I captured so many action shots when he was young and energetic. Now that he’s slightly mellower, he can hold a sit longer so that’s a plus. I hope you enjoy Murphy’s photos as much as I do!

I urge you not to procrastinate your dog’s photos until they are old and sick. There’s no time like the present. All stages of their life are worth capturing!

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Tennis ball maniac

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Murphy’s Grand Day Out

Murphy’s Grand Day Out

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5 reasons I love my knuckleheaded dog

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