Vintage trucks are handed down like heirlooms in Colorado. When you think about it, they’re much more useful than Grandma’s china. They’re good for hauling things, errands and trips to the dog park. I love dogs in vintage trucks for photoshoots!

1976 Chevrolet C10 Scottsdale & Dutch the GSP

German Shorthair Pointer illustrating a post on photographing dogs in trucks

Grandpa’s truck was the backdrop for Dutch the GSP’s photos. The 1976 Chevrolet C10 Scottsdale was once used to haul cantaloupe from Rocky Ford! This lucky grandson is the third generation to use this truck. His German Shorthair Pointer, Dutch, was a little confused why we just sat in the driveway and took photos instead of driving to the dog park!

German Shorthair Pointer in back of vintage truck during one of my truck photoshoots

1955 Ford F-100 & Tess the German Shepherd

Truck portrait of German Shepherd dog

This 1955 Ford F-100 has been in the same family for three generations. The family’s Grandpa bought the ’55 Ford pickup from a rancher outside of Trinidad. It was originally a cattle ranch vehicle and had been driven to death. The “cow-mover” is still attached and adds a unique character to the truck. As Grandpa got older, he used the truck as an outdoor place to sit and warm himself in the sunshine.

Women by vintage truck during a photo session

Years later, the family’s next generation (a.k.a – Mom & Dad) towed it Denver. Dad saw potential for the truck and it became an epic project. He dropped a Thunderbird engine in it, re-wired everything, replaced rusted areas, applied Bondo and sanded repeatedly, “chopped the top”, re-painted it, “flamed” it, “frenched” the tail lights, replaced the wood bed and seats, put “meats” on it (wide tires), etc. My favorite part of the truck is definitely the DIY flames. Reportedly, they practiced painting flames on the fridge first – which I think is quite impressive and unconventional!

Now the daughter borrows the truck when she needs to move her sailboat, a couch…or has a photo shoot with her dog. It’s the perfect vintage truck for her Colorado dog.

’52 Chevy & Rufus the Mini Aussie

Aussie dog sitting on truck runner to demonstrate how vintage trucks make a beautiful backdrop

This truck is named “Nellie.” For many years, Rufus’ person used to pass the truck in a nearby mountain town where it was parked in a Quonset shed. Eventually the owners agreed to sell the truck to her. She drove Nellie home and that was the first time her husband met the truck!

’52 Chevy truck and Aussie near red rocks

They haven’t done a lot to the truck because they want to keep it as original as they can. Nellie is parked in the family’s garage now. She’ll stay pristine much longer than if she had stayed outside in the mountain shed. They say she’s fun to drive and that people always smile and wave – as though you were in a parade! They think it reminds people of simpler times.

Mini Aussie dog sits in back of vintage truck during photo shoot

Photographing a mini Aussie at a working cattle ranch was incredibly fun! I loved everything about the scene – red rock formations, cows, an incredibly nice family, a classic truck and a sweet 13-year-old Mini Australian Shepherd, Rufus! He was a very impressive model! My dog would have ran after the cows and gotten himself kicked by a protective mama cow. Not Rufus. He was focused and well-behaved. A natural Colorado ranch dog!

’52 Chevy & Remy the Great Pyrenees mix

Border collie in Chevy truck demonstrates how a vintage truck is a great photo prop

I also used Nellie the ’52 Chevy truck for 13 year old Remy’s photos. The truck combined with the beautiful mountain scenery was a winning combination!

Woman looks at her Border collie during vintage truck photoshoot

Colorado dogs in vintage trucks are one of my favorite things to photograph!