Denver Cat Photographer

Professional cat photographer might sound like an oxymoron but you’d be surprised how doable a cat photoshoot is! I’ll use lenses that enable me to be far away from your cat so they barely even notice me. If your kitty is a diva, they need their own personal paparazzi, right?

Tuxedo cat in garden with flowers
Calico cat looking out window
Tabby cat looking upside down
Gray cat peeking over chair
Angry White Cat on table
Black cat sitting on green footstool
Siamese cat by bookshelf
Black cat sitting on windowsill with plants
Gray cat sitting on bathroom sink
Calico cat on reflective kitchen counter
Calico cat playing with yarn
Two black cats having a stare-down on garden path
Long haired cat hiding under table
Black cat by window
Cat sitting on couch
Siamese cat standing on a vintage suitcase

How do you get cats to pose?

The trick is to get them to think it’s their idea! I usually try a combination of patience and playing off their natural curiosity.

When I arrive for your photo shoot, I’ll let your cats sniff my camera gear and greet me as I set up. Your cat might watch me from afar for the first 10 minutes, to see if I can be trusted. (I can.) All this trust-building pays off later when I’m able to get them to look directly at the camera for their close-ups.

What if my cat is shy?

I’m very patient with shy cats. Sometimes we have to wait for everyone to feel comfortable with me and my equipment. Animal photography can be like being on safari and waiting for a lion to come to the watering hole – only it’s your domestic kitty. Don’t worry if your cat hides under the bed the whole time. If that happens, I’ll come back at no charge.

Feline Portraiture

If you’re a cat lover, you already have a million cat photos on your phone. Why hire a cat photographer? For starters, my professional camera gear enables me to get high-resolution images that are worthy of enlarging and framing. Most importantly, I will see your cat through an artist’s eye. I’ll apply my artistry to capture your family cat’s personality. Once you see the results, you’ll be smiling like a Cheshire Cat!

“Cats are often indifferent and Cole was no exception; yet Karen had the uncanny knack to make him feel like he was in charge and get exactly what she wanted!”


“My cats don’t like anyone and she was able to work with them and made them feel comfortable enough to come out from hiding!”


Cat Photoshoots

Cat photography that captures the essence of your furry feline friends.

Cat takes over dogs’ photo shoot

Cat takes over dogs’ photo shoot

Cat photography is always a little unpredictable but that's exactly what keeps it exciting. This was supposed to be a dog photoshoot but the family cat had other ideas. Zola the "very shy" cat was actually very friendly for me! We figured Zola would hide while I...

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Chocolate Point Siamese cat

Chocolate Point Siamese cat

Rooney's family has a soft spot for Siamese cats. They put their name on a wait list at Dumb Friends League to be notified about adoptable Siamese kittens and were eventually matched with Rooney. I photographed their other Siamese cats a few years ago so they wanted a...

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Where’s the best place to photograph a cat?

Where’s the best place to photograph a cat?

Why did I take Jasmine’s photo in the bathroom? Because that’s where she was hanging out. The best place to photograph a cat is where they want to be. Cat Photography Rule #1 - Let cats do their own thing. They will look much more natural that way. Jasmine wasn't in...

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3 Cats & a Corgi

3 Cats & a Corgi

"One cat just leads to another."Ernest Hemingway This family started out with two sweet kittens adopted from Denver Dumb Friends. Soon, they also found the perfect corgi puppy. Then, there was room for just one more when a neighbor's cat needed a home. That makes four...

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Calicos: Jane & Gracie

Calicos: Jane & Gracie

Gracie the calico made me work for these photos. And by "work," I mean she made me use the extreme patience of a wildlife photographer. When I first met her, she hid in a back room the entire time. Luckily, the family has another cat, Jane, who was a willing model....

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