Colorado’s cutest


Note: I’m not doing indoor sessions while Covid-19 is still an issue. Sadly, this means I won’t be photographing indoor cats for the time being. If you have a cat who is allowed outdoors, we may be able to make that work.

How do you get cats to pose?

The trick is to get them to think it’s their idea! I usually try a combination of patience and playing off their natural curiosity.

When I arrive for your photo shoot, I’ll let your cats sniff my camera gear and greet me as I set up. Your cat might watch me from afar for the first 10 minutes, to see if I can be trusted. (I can.) All this trust-building pays off later when I’m able to get them to look directly at the camera for their close-ups.

What if my cat is shy?

I’m very patient with shy cats. Sometimes we have to wait for everyone to feel comfortable with me and my equipment. Don’t worry if your cat hides under the bed the whole time. If that happens, I’ll come back at no charge.

“Cats are often indifferent and Cole was no exception; yet Karen had the uncanny knack to make him feel like he was in charge and get exactly what she wanted!”


“My cats don’t like anyone and she was able to work with them and made them feel comfortable enough to come out from hiding!”