Bengal kitten portrait

Denver Cat Photographer

Cat Photographs that are works of art

Professional cat photographer might sound like an oxymoron, but you’d be surprised how doable a cat photoshoot is!

I’ll use lenses that enable me to be far away from your cat, so they’ll barely notice me. If your kitty is a diva, they need their own personal paparazzi, right? 

Calico cat sitting on windowsill
Tuxedo cat in garden with flowers
Black kitten with blue eyes by corkscrew houseplant
White Siamese Cat playing with string of yarn
Black cat on windowsill with lavender
Cat on piano
Headshot of calico cat

How do you get cats to pose?

The trick is to get them to think it’s their idea! I usually try a combination of patience and playing off their natural curiosity.

I’ll get your kitty to think it’s his idea. Trust me: It’s easier than you’d think. I have my ways!

Orange Maine Coon cat by houseplant
Tuxedo cat playing with felt ball

“Karen was wonderful to work with. My cats are very friendly to begin with, but Karen really knew how to draw out and capture their individual personalities. She has wonderful ideas about ways to engage cats, from toys to plants to props. She shared so many wonderful photos with me during the review meeting and it was so difficult to choose. If you know you want images to hang she has a wonderful program to mock up the selection(s) on your wall(s) and room(s). The images she creates aren’t just snapshots they are lifetime memories of your pets.”


Siamese Cat

“What an amazing experience! Even great for shy cats. Wonderful quality prints. Highly recommend!!


Photographer and cat at photoshoot

A client sent this photo of me introducing myself to her 18-year-old cat at the beginning of the photoshoot. Mariposa was apprehensive at first but eventually warmed up.


If you’re a cat lover, you already have a million cat photos on your phone. Why hire a cat photographer? For starters, my professional camera gear enables me to get high-resolution images – perfect for enlarging and framing.

Most importantly, I see your cat through an artist’s eye. I’ll apply my artistry to capture your cat’s personality.

What if my cat is shy?

I’m very patient with shy cats. Sometimes, your cat needs extra time to get comfortable with me and my equipment. That’s fine. You’ll be surprised how they eventually warm up!

Siberian cat being held by owner with pink hair


You can add people to your photoshoot! Just add $100 each to the session fee.

Cat Photoshoots

Check out my blog for examples of my feline photography.