Frequently Asked


COVID-19: What are you doing to keep clients safe?
  • I’ll monitor my own health and err on the side of caution. I’ll reschedule if I have any symptoms. I’ll also stay home as much as possible to limit my exposure to the virus.
  • Liberal rescheduling policy – Either one of us can reschedule up to the time of the shoot if there are any health concerns. If you’re not feeling well, don’t hesitate to reschedule. Also, please let me know if you become ill within a week after your photo shoot.
  • Planning sessions will happen over the phone instead of in-person. Ordering sessions will be via Zoom calls. You’ll still get help ordering your artwork. I even have software that can show examples of your pet’s images mocked up on the walls of your home.

At photo sessions:

  • I will wear a mask at all times and expect you to do the same.
  • I’ll use my longest lens so we can be at least 6 feet apart.
  • No physical contact such as handshakes…or even petting your dog. It will be hard for me to resist petting your cute dog but it will be best for you to handle them. I’ll give you plenty of direction for posing and advice for getting them to cooperate.
  • 4 or fewer people at a session.
  • We probably won’t use any props but, if we do, I’ll disinfect them before and after each use.
Where do you take the photos?

This summer, I’m taking outdoor sessions only. Using my longest zoom lens, we’ll be able to stay far apart. I’ll help you choose an uncrowded location that’s perfect for your dog. I’m constantly location-scouting to find unique and scenic places around town where we can take your dog’s photos.

If you have a large yard, it may be possible to have your photo shoot in your yard. Obviously, that has advantages, such as less people, fewer distractions and no need for leashes. 

What if my dog is high energy or easily distracted?

It might be hard to imagine your dog sitting still for photos. My own dog, Murphy, isn’t the best behaved on the block so I understand. I’ll walk you through ways we can set your dog up for success. Often a walk before the photo shoot will help take the edge off their energy level. We can even incorporate action shots so they can simply be themselves. I really enjoy spirited dogs because they are so expressive in photos!

What if my pet is shy?

If your pet is naturally reserved, they might be a little concerned about a new person with a bunch of camera equipment. Choosing a familiar location gets us off to a good start. I’ll move slowly and quietly until I gain their trust. 

Will my dog stay on-leash?

I care about your pet’s safety so we’ll leash your dog at outdoor locations. This opens up location possibilities while keeping your pup safe and secure. I understand what it’s like to have a dog who is overly interested in squirrels and rabbits. Even the best behaved dog needs to be kept safe from unpredictable distractions and dangers. The reason you don’t see leashes in my photos is because I retouch them out afterwards! 

How much time do I need if I want to buy a gift?

I love being part of fun gifts! You’ll need to plan at least a few weeks ahead for a surprise gift. I will try to squeeze you in but my calendar fills up so don’t procrastinate. After your photo shoot, it will take about two weeks for editing and retouching. After you select your artwork, I’ll do final retouching and send your order to the photo lab ASAP. Normally, my lab will finish within 2-4 weeks. If you feel like that won’t be enough time, consider giving a gift certificate and let the recipient be part of the photo shoot later.

How can I buy a gift certificate?

Call 720-238-3337 or e-mail me and I’ll custom design a gift certificate for you.

What can I make with my pet’s photos?

You can purchase prints, canvas wraps, metal prints, albums and more. I will help you select the sizes and styles to fit your home or gift-giving needs. I have software that can show examples of your pet’s images mocked up on the walls of your home. Clients tell me that these room mock ups are one of the best ways to feel confident they are ordering the right artwork for their space.