Pets & their


You know how hard it is to take a flattering selfie with your pet because you’ve probably tried. Relax and let me photograph you with your pet!

French bulldog and woman
Small dog in bed licking owner's toes
Woman and Pekingese dog at Cheesman Pavillion
Horse and Rider Portrait on black background
Portrait of border collie puppy with owner
Guinea pig and woman by spring flowering crabapple tree
Silver Lab puppy and girl
Great Dane and woman
Dog and woman posing for portrait
Couple with dog in mountains
Couple with two dogs at park
Goldendoodle dog with boy
Couple posing with dog in back of 1952 Chevy truck
Cat looking over woman's shoulder
German Shorthair Pointer dog in 1976 Chevrolet C10 Scottsdale
Cattle dog and woman in mountains
Couple posing with their dogs

The human-animal connection

I find that people are more relaxed when their pet is by their side. For starters, it gives them something to do with their hands, so they feel less awkward. Dogs also do unpredictable things – like lick you on the face! Animals produce more genuine smiles than any dumb joke I can tell.

Let’s talk about retouching. I aim to make people look well-rested versus Joan Rivers after her 100th facelift. I generally remove things that aren’t permanent, like a scratch or blemish. If it’s permanent, like a mole, I leave it. It would be weird if someone retouched out Cindy Crawford’s mole, right? Often people say I took the best photo of them they’ve seen in years. So, don’t be afraid of getting in front of my camera!

“Karen has an amazing photographic eye! She was amazing with our two young children and two young dogs. The quality of her photographs, album and framed canvas portrait are outstanding. I highly recommend Karen to photograph all of your furry friends!”


“Karen captured wonderful photos of both our rescue pups and us. Somehow she managed to capture their personalities, us smiling, and the beautiful scenery in the background ALL at the same time. A feat my husband and I can never manage.”


A Photoshoot for the Whole Family

Not only are your animals a huge part of your life but they also make your annual family portrait much more FUN!

Dogs with Children

Dogs with Children

Give your children a professional photoshoot with their childhood dog. It’s a gift they will cherish for years to come!

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Lola & Roz

Lola & Roz

Lola is an Airedale/Cattle Dog mix who was adopted from Denver Dumb Friends. The crazy thing is that her person picked her out while her husband was at work and told him about their new dog later! He was quickly smitten with Lola and agreed to adopt a second dog as...

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