Black & tan Mini dachshund in woodland near Denver
Red poodle dog in front of Bonnie Brae Tavern Denver

Capture the

funny little things

your dog does

Every dog does something unique – whether it’s an everyday moment like the adoring way they look at you or whether it’s a bona fide trick like balancing a treat on their nose. Let’s capture it!

Your dog’s photo session will be enjoyable!

Your dog will love all the attention and getting outside to play. You can relax and laugh at the silly noises I make to get a head tilt out of your pup. It’s a laid-back and enjoyable experience.

Will my dog stay on-leash?

I care about your pet’s safety so we’ll leash your dog at outdoor locations. This opens up location possibilities while keeping your pup safe and secure. I understand what it’s like to have a dog who is overly interested in squirrels and rabbits. Even the best behaved dog needs to be kept safe from unpredictable distractions and dangers. The reason you don’t see leashes in my photos is because I retouch them out afterwards! 

What if my dog is high energy ?

It might be hard to imagine your dog sitting still for photos. My own dog, Murphy, isn’t the best behaved on the block so I understand. I’ll walk you through ways we can set your dog up for success. Often a walk before the photo shoot will help take the edge off their energy level. We can even incorporate action shots so they can simply be themselves. I really enjoy spirited dogs because they are so expressive in photos!

“She did the most incredible job photographing my VERY active and bouncy border collie puppy, and the results were amazing!”


“A wonderful and caring pet photographer. She is definitely a pet person and Max liked her right away (always the sign of true character).”