Hi! I’m Karen. I have a squeaky toy in one hand, a camera in the other and fur all over my clothes.

I cut my teeth with film cameras and darkrooms when I studied photography as part of my Fine Art degree. My early career was spent art directing photo shoots for ad agencies in Chicago. I even hired a golden retriever model for a national advertising campaign. Talk about foreshadowing! Working with high-end clients, I came to understand the importance of professionalism in my artistic work. When I moved to Denver, I further honed my camera skills by photographing children and farm animals (horses, donkeys, llamas, chickens and peacocks!) as part of my graphic design job. I started my pet photography business in 2012.

My yellow lab, Sammy, sparked my interest in pet photography. He came into my life when he was 3 and I was smitten. I suddenly understood what people meant when they referred to their “heart dog.” Now that Sammy is gone, I remember how he inspired me whenever I look at his photo.

When I photograph your pet, I promise it will be an enjoyable, laid-back experience. My goal is to capture your pets the way that your heart sees them. The final images will be carefully edited and retouched to be beautiful works of art that complement your home and serve as loving memories for years to come.

LOVES:    4-legged friends



I adopted my golden retriever, Murphy, from Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR). He’s the prettiest – and most headstrong – dog I’ve ever had. I’ve taken countless photos of him and, trust me, he’s not the easiest model. He’s taught me patience and some tricks that help make photographing other animals seem like a breeze. In spite of his craziness, I love Murphy! He’s always at my feet and it’s ridiculous how much I miss him when we’re apart.

LOVES:    long walks, squirrels


My husband, Dan, has many roles behind the scenes. He loves dogs even more than me, if that’s possible. With 20+ years experience in the film industry, he’s the most overqualified photo assistant ever.

LOVES:    dogs