Summers can be hot! Dogs get thirsty during their photo session so sometimes it’s best to give dogs a drink and let their natural instincts take over.

Vizsla dog drinking out of fountain

Priest the vizsla lived near Bonnie Brae Park in Denver and his family taught him to drink from the water fountain. No, he can’t press the button himself. My husband is actually holding the water on-button while lying on his back, just out of view.

Two German Shepherds sharing a garden hose

German Shepherds, Bravo and Liberty, have perfected the art of drinking from a hose. It’s adorable but dog teeth are sharp. Their family said they’ve had to patch a few hoses over the years!

Golden retriever drinking out of water fountain

I tried to re-create the vizsla fountain photo by teaching my dog, Murphy, to drink from the faucet. It took a dozen attempts to teach him and, honestly, he’d only do it if he was extra thirsty. He’s a good boy for playing along with my crazy photo ideas! He prefers drinking out of a dog bowl or eating ice cubes.

Puppy golden retriever running in sprinkler

Biscuit the golden retriever puppy was very entertained by the sprinkler.

Puppy golden retriever by sprinkler
Senior golden retriever drinking from hose

Madison likes drinking out the hose! She lives in a high-rise condo near downtown Denver so we used my backyard for her photos.

Malamute drinking out of a sprinkler

Kiva the Malamute puppy enjoyed drinking out of the sprinkler during her photo session.

St. Bernard Puppy drinking out of garden hose

It was 100 degrees on the day of Rufus the St. Bernard puppy’s photo shoot so we misted him with the hose. He throughly enjoyed it!

Yellow lab drinking out of hose

My (late) yellow lab, Sammy, absolutely loved drinking out of the hose. No bribing needed here! He always came running when the hose was out.

Does your dog like the sprinkler or hose? Or perhaps they prefer swimming? We can incorporate water into their photos! Often we take the water photos last so you can have posed (dry) portraits too.