A bit of controlled chaos is a good thing when it comes to photographing dogs and children. Murtie the English bulldog mix started the commotion by burying his face in the blue throw. I’m not sure if the faux fur felt soft or if he was just fluffing it up so he could lie on it. Either way, I wasn’t planning on having him upside down but I like it. Sometimes candid portraits tell the story best! Dog and child photos can be an enjoyable experience since both are so playful!

Every kid should have a professional photo of themselves with their childhood dog. I only have blurry snapshots of my childhood pets but it would be nice to have clearer memories of myself playing with my beagles.

Girl with Silver Lab Puppy

Book ahead for puppy’s first few days at home

It’s an exciting day when a puppy joins his new family. I was lucky enough to document Desmond on his second day home. The family’s girls were at a perfect age for a new pup because they are definitely old enough to remember Desmond’s homecoming and help with his training. It was a privilege to watch them bond with the sweet pup. I hope they cherish these photos when they are in college and Desmond is a sweet old dog.

Girl with Puggle dog

A walk in the park for both child and dog

I love it when kids are in the mood to be photographed with their pets. This happy 6-year-old had a lot of fun playing with her dogs in front of my camera. It’s wonderful when both children and dogs think the photoshoot is just an enjoyable adventure at the park.

Girl running with Puggle dog
Australian Shepherd puppy with child

Aussie adventures

Beauchamp the Aussie puppy joined his family in March, which can be a challenging time of year for outdoor photoshoots. In addition to photographing inside their home, we went to the local playground which was perfect for child and dog photos.

Australian Shepherd puppy with child
Boy with French Bulldog Puppy

Avery the French Bulldog puppy will always be small but she was truly a lapdog as a pup.

Child Portrait with golden retriever dog

The perfect family dog

OK, I may be biased that golden retrievers are the perfect dog. Ask these 3 sisters how they feel about Otis and they will probably agree that he is perfect for their family. Often you can get more cooperation out of teens during photo shoots if their dog is involved. We took lots of candid photos too and Otis enjoyed running around with his family! I like to keep it easy and fun for children and dogs alike.

Give your children a professional photoshoot with their childhood dog. Dog and child photos are a gift they will cherish for years to come!