Nearly every dog loves riding in the car! If you’re worried about your dog sitting still for photos, why don’t we try a few in your car?

Two golden retrievers driving a VW convertible bug

I have a soft spot for golden retrievers and VW bugs.

Photographing these golden retrievers in their convertible VW was the best day ever! Gabby and Dani were mellow and good-natured but, just to be on the safe side, we kept them on leashes during their photo shoot. What you can’t see in these photos is my husband crouched down in the back seat, holding both dog’s leashes. He is such a good sport! He also loves puppies and VW bugs so it wasn’t too hard to talk him into assisting with this fun photo shoot.

Blue Vintage VW bug and border collie

Sometimes you only need a hint of the car to make the photo more interesting.

Two black dogs peeking out back of car

Norman & Stanley were so excited when they first arrived at their photo location so I snapped this before they even got out!

King Charles Spaniel in the driver's seat of car

You don’t necessarily need a mountain vista for a portrait. We just drove this car up to the closest small tree.

Golden Retriever in Mini Cooper

This was taken on a very cold, windy day in the winter but it didn’t matter. Cars provide a bit of shelter plus a fun backdrop for your dog.

German Shepherd dog by vintage car

If you do have a vintage car, I’m jealous! But, sometimes they’re “too good” and the family dog isn’t allowed inside. This car had original upholstery that was in pristine condition so Loki posed in front instead.

Little white dog in driver's seat of car

You don’t need a vintage car for a pleasing portrait of your pup. Tido the bichon was excited about being in the driver’s seat.

Yellow dog in back seat of car with head out window

Lola was so excited when she saw her favorite park!

Beagle puppy in vintage teal Bel Air car

Perhaps my most iconic car portrait is Bailey the beagle puppy in this Bel-Air. The crazy thing is the car didn’t even run, which explains why there’s a random gray car in the background. I bet you didn’t even notice because you were too busy looking at cute, little Bailey.