Whether they are diving after toys or just cooling off, dogs can truly be themselves when they’re playing in water. The best way to capture a happy expression on a dog’s face is to let them do something they enjoy: swimming!

Golden dog jumping into Creek at off-leash area

What’s more fun than a game of fetch? Jumping in the creek to retrieve tennis balls! Wrigley could fetch all day! His family ordered this photo on a metal print so they could feel like it was summer all year long.

Great Dane wading through river at Cherry Creek State Park

Heidi & Fergie the Great Danes waded through the creek at the off-leash area at Cherry Creek State Park during their photo shoot. They also got family photos, which are displayed in a beautiful photo album.

Great Dane at Cherry Creek
Golden retriever diving into Cherry Creek

9-year-old Sage is starting to slow down a bit but still looks like a young pup when she dives after a stick.

Dog jumping in stream

Jackson had so much fun playing in the creek. After many rounds of fetch, he cooled off in the river at the off-leash area in Cherry Creek State Park.

Dog lying in river at Cherry Creek State Park
Dog dipping paw in kiddie swimming pool

Bailee isn’t so sure if she wants to swim or not. Either way, she’s adorable!

Golden retriever wet after swimming

One of my favorite portraits of my own dog, Murphy, was taken after a swim when he was soaking wet! I love how the fur on his ears crimps when he’s wet. To me, this captures his essence and is how I want to remember him. Matter-of-fact, a canvas of this photo hangs in my front hallway. It makes me smile every time I come home and see it.

Does your dog like swimming? Summer’s warm temps and long days are perfect for water-themed photos. Give me a call to schedule a photo shoot with your dog!