Canvas Wraps
Metal Prints



Turn your pet’s photo into a work of art

Your image will be printed on museum-quality canvas material using archival inks. A matte laminate coating provides protection from scuffs and UV light.

Solid wood frames

Beautifully hand-crafted in the U.S., wood float frames come in a choice of 6 colors. Float frames are named for the way the canvas wrap is mounted within; a 1/8″ space appears between the frame and the wrap, creating the subtle illusion that your image is floating inside.

FROM:    $500


A vibrant, modern choice

Your pet’s photo will be printed on an aluminum sheet with slightly rounded corners. Folks are always pleasantly surprised how lightweight metal prints are!  

The scratch-resistant surface is waterproof and is a fun choice for a bathroom, kitchen or anywhere where there may be moisture. They are also easy to clean – just use a microfiber cloth.

FROM:    $350

Easy to Hang!

Metal prints have a float mount on the back which give them the appearance of floating away from the wall.

Larger Metal Prints have a 3/4” deep float mount and a wire hanger which makes them easy to hang.

Smaller Metal Prints have a ¾” deep float mount and a sawtooth hole for hanging.

Add a Frame

Metal Prints also can be framed! These sample metal prints are hanging at Vida Veterinary Care. The cat photo to the right is a framed metal print. It “floats” in the frame – similar to the canvas float frames. For comparison, the cat photo on the left is an unframed metal print.

I have software that can mock-up what your finished artwork will look like on your walls. We can try it with and without frames! It works great over a Zoom ordering session and eliminates the guesswork!