Why did I take Jasmine’s photo in the bathroom? Because that’s where she was hanging out. The best place to photograph a cat is where they want to be.

Cat Photography Rule #1 – Let cats do their own thing. They will look much more natural that way.

Jasmine wasn’t in the mood for visitors when I arrived because the house had been staged for real estate showings and her familiar furniture had been moved around. She was hiding in the bathroom so I suggested that we see what she was up to in there. It turns out it was an especially lovely bathroom, complete with fresh orchids. She was happily sitting on the sink so that’s where I photographed her. In the end, we lured Jasmine downstairs with a special kitty snack and I took more photos of her and her “sister,” Chloe.

Chloe and Jasmine aren’t related but they are almost identical gray cats. Their family adopted from Dumb Friends League on the same day. The family has two boys and each brother has his own gray cat. How fair is that? One sweet gray kitty per boy.

Cat Photography Rule #2 – Be patient.

Dog Photography Rule #1 – Let dogs do their own thing. They will look much more natural that way.

Are you surprised that my photography rule is the same for cats and dogs? It’s true that you can bribe dogs more easily but the family’s golden retriever, Hannah, looked the happiest when she was in her favorite spot on the porch. Hannah was adopted from Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue and she’s one of the sweetest goldens I’ve ever met. She is such a docile and calm dog. I could rub her belly all day!