Does your dog enjoy swimming? Here’s a roundup of some of the best places to take your dog swimming along the Front Range.

Indoor Pools for Dogs

The benefits of indoor dog swimming pools include clean water and year-round availability. In addition, pools are convenient because they have ramps so dogs can easily get in and out of the water.

CRCG (Canine Rehabilitation & Conditioning Group)

Specialties: Animal rehabilitation services and Colorado’s first and largest indoor recreational swim pool for dogs.

Recreational Swim Info: The Englewood location has a 26’ x 18’ pool. The Broomfield location has a 41’ x 21’ pool. Reserved 30-minute swims available 7 days a week.

First visit: Initial visit includes an orientation to give you an overview. Your dog will wear a canine life vest during the first swim session. The staff goes into the pool with your pup to teach your dog how to use the ramp out of the pool.

Water Quality: Their water management system filters, heats, and sanitizes the water through a circulation pump, a specially designed in-line electric heater and a high-rate sand filter system.

Tip: You will get wet when your dog shakes! They provide towels and you will need them. Bring dry clothes and shoes to change into for the drive home.

Englewood Clinic
3760 South Lipan Street
Englewood, CO 80110
303-762-SWIM (7946)

Broomfield Clinic
8855 W. 116th Circle
Broomfield, CO 80021
303-762-SWIM (7946)

Canine Fitness & Fun Center

Specialties: Dog boarding, daycare, pool

Recreational Swim Info: 25′ x 13′ pool. Dogs are only allowed in the pool area by appointment. Group or private swims are 20 minutes.

First visit: First-time swimmers will be fitted with a canine life vest and monitored with individual attention for their safety. 

Water Quality: The water is treated with a special low dose of chemicals to keep bacteria at bay.

5390 E Evans Ave
Denver, CO 80222

The K9 Body Shop

Specialties: Physical therapy, rehabilitation and recreational swimming for pets

Recreational Swim Info: 9′ x 17′ pool. Dogs can swim with the supervision of K9 Body Shop staff or with their owner. Clients are allowed in the pool with their dogs. The appointments are 30 minutes long and they get the pool to themselves for that time frame. There can be multiple dogs at a time from the same family or friends but a limit of 4 at a time. 

First visit: During the first visit, the staff makes sure the owner and the dog are safe in getting in and out of the pool, shows them how to use the facility, toys, etc., and how to clean up and prep for the next person. They also give various options on playing with your dog in the water, whether you have an experienced swimmer or a new one who needs to learn.

Water Quality: There is a heater and filter system on the pool. The filter is primarily silver and copper anodes to kill bacteria and algae. They leave a very low chlorine level of just .5 that is needed to activate the anodes.

12500 W 58th Ave. #100
Arvada, CO 80002

Outdoor Swimming for Dogs

Over the years, it has become more challenging to find outdoor swimming holes. As the Denver metro area has grown, it’s led to over-crowding at State Parks. If you have the flexibility to visit during off-hours, your dog will have more room to play.

Blue-green algae have also been a factor in recent years and can be toxic for dogs. Heed local warnings and, if in doubt, choose an indoor pool instead.

Golden Retriever dog playing fetch at Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek State Park off-leash area

The off-leash area of Cherry Creek State Park is a 107-acre fenced field that has water access. They have done a fantastic job upgrading the infrastructure while still maintaining the feel of being in nature. The creek is a big hit with water-loving dogs and sunsets can be spectacular.

Daily State Park Pass plus Dog off-leash pass required.

Tip: Give yourself enough time because waits can be long to get into the dog area parking lot. Also, off-leash parks are more fun if your dog plays well with others. You will be sharing the area with lots of other happy pups!

Cherry Creek ​Dog Of​f Leash Area (DOLA)
S Entrance Rd, Aurora, CO 80015

Dog playing in river at Cherry Creek State Park

Chatfield State Park Dog Park

Sixty-nine acres of fenced open space for your dogs to exercise, including two ponds and miles of paved and unpaved walking trails.

Daily State Park Pass plus dog off-leash pass required.

Be aware: There have been complaints about cactus being a problem. It’s Colorado so that’s to be expected but be mindful of where your dog runs.

Chatfield Dog Park
Littleton, CO 80125

End-of-season public swimming pools

For one glorious weekend a year, some outdoor public pools offer dog swimming before they drain them for the season. Check with your city pool towards the end of summer to get the scoop.

Doggie Plunge at Pirates Cove Water Park

At this annual event, the pool at Pirates Cove is taken over by dogs! All proceeds go to Freedom Service Dogs so it’s a win-win. The 2021 event is past but I’m sure they’ll do it next September as well.


Pirates Cove
1225 W. Belleview Avenue
Englewood, Colorado 80120

Swimming at high-altitude lakes or creeks

Dog swimming may be an option on high-country hikes but research your route beforehand. Respect leash laws and always clean up after your dog. This means pack out their poop! Be super respectful of nature and don’t let your pup trample alpine tundra and wildflowers. If there are birds or other wildlife using the water, refrain from letting your dog take a dip.

Golden Retriever dog swimming in mountain lake

If you know of other great dog swimming locations, let me know and I’ll add them to this list.

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